Magnetic Filter Grille System! | Clean the Air in Your Home

All types of particulates, including dust and dirt, are traveling through the air we breath.


In this day and age, people are looking at every way to stay healthy and avoiding dirty air is a priority. Although we can't control the quality of air we breath outside of our homes, adding filtration to our home air handling systems is the first step to creating clean air.


Installing a modern heating and cooling system is the best way to ensure energy efficiency and cleanliness.


The newer systems come equipped with hog hair or foam filters which allow the maximum amount of airflow to circulate through the house while catching all the dust and dirt that would otherwise permeate each room.


A homeowner must be sure to replace the filters on a regular basis since a dirty filter will decrease both the air flow and entire system pressure. A decrease in pressure means that the unit must work harder and use more energy.


Remember to take these 3 steps


  1. Choosing the correct filter thickness is also important so that the possibility of a loose fit, which can allow dirt to escape due to filter vibration, is avoided.
  2. In addition to these filters, a modern system utilizes air grilles that are proportionately sized in each room for proper air circulation and climate consistency.
  3. Adjustable vent switches have been built into the vents to allow the homeowner to choose how much air they want to enter the room. These grills also protect the air handling system from large pests and objects that could obstruct air flow or create waste that would lower the quality of the air.

Creating clean air in our households is possible as long as we use the correct techniques. Installing a modern air handling unit and using the correct filters can decrease the amount of air pollution we intake and improve our overall respiratory health.


Written by Linda Harper — August 12, 2013

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